WOF #10/2008 english: Freeride World Tour Quest Schruns

Snowboarding & Freeskiing: the qualification for the Freeride World Tour

Freeride Montafon 2008

February 08-14 2008, Schruns (Austria).
Expect gorgeous powder runs, breathtaking cliff jumps and smiling faces: the
Freeride World Tour is the first joint big mountain series for freeride skiers and
snowboarders determining the world champions in both disciplines. For sure, the
very best freeriders in the world are participating in this series. All other riders
who would also like to be part of this exquisite circle have to call attention to
themselves by showing outstanding performances at the qualification event
Freeride Montafon 2008 at Schruns (AUT). Only the best riders of this
competition will qualify for the final event of this season’s tour: the Verbier
Xtreme 2008.