WOF 2022 #04: Slay the Bay

Slay the Bay

Urban Mountainbiking with Hans Rey

‘Slay The Bay’ is a urban mountain bike adventure in the San Francisco Bay area. After TransAngeles, TransNapoli and TransHongKong, this was the fourth in a series of multiday trips, traversing some of the biggest cities and surroundings. Showing the incredible riding and nature in and around these metropolis’. The contrasts between nature and harmony and the history, culture and chaos of these urban jungles. Hans Rey, an icon in the bike scene, has travelled all over the world, doing many adventures in remote corners of the globe, before he started exploring the populated centers. He is often joined by fellow pro mountain bikers and celebrities riding mountain bikes and ebikes.
On this trip he was accompanied by fellow Freeride pioneer Brett Tippie, along their tour they met the original fathers of the sport, as well as riders who will write history in the future of fat tire bikes.