WOF 2021 #13: Kitesports Insights & X-Project

Kitesports Insights & X-Project

Cape Verde + Brazil + Spain | Silvaplana - Engadin (SUI)

We start the show with a look at the kiteboarding and wing-foiling scene and how it has survived the pandemic so far. Then we travel to the picturesque Swiss valley of Engadine, where some of the world’s best board-sports athletes have come together for a very special winter sports venture, the X-Project. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy!

The world's best athletes from a wide variety of sports showcase windsurfing in powder snow, together with speed riding, snowboarding and snowkiting. It is a fascinating combination of a great variety of sports in the snow. The project is very unique in the world and embodies a combination of different sports in a breathtaking snowy landscape in the Engadine mountains in Switzerland. In the history of winter sports, these sports have never been combined in this way. The project shows unprecedented images and opens up new dimensions in winter sports.