WOF 2021 #15: Alpine Rollercoaster


The Alpine Rollercoaster - success & failure with Dani Arnold

Patagonia - Alaska - Scotland - Karakorum

Mountaineering can be the most fulfilling and rewarding sport in the world but it can also result in devastating disappointments. There are many factors and decisions along the way that define the result of success or failure. Even the most experienced alpinists can always learn more.
Dani Arnold from Bürglen, Switzerland is now one of the most renowned climbers in Europe; brought up in the Swiss Alps he has traveled the world pursuing his mountaineering passion and honing his skills. He has been involved in many significant climbs both summer and winter with his aim to be an "all round" mountaineer.

The project that really put Dani on the "map" was the speed record on the biggest north face in Western Europe; the Eiger. This pushed his strength and skill to the test and was a life changing record. What normally takes climbers 2-3 days Dani did in 2 hours and 28 minutes beating Ueli Steck's longstanding record.

The skills required to move this quickly over challenging terrain have been honed over years in the mountains, Dani has had some incredible successes in his career but the projects that are equally important are the ones that fail,......These are the ones that we don’t see and in fact these failures account for about 70% of Dani's attempts.