WOF 2017#51: 4634 Perception - The Mountain Within

Wingsuit flying and snowboarding

« 4634 - Perception - The Mountain Within »

The latest dream of the human glider

Monte Rosa: the highest mountain range in Switzerland with the Dufourspitze, its

highest peak, at 4,634m in altitude, is home to the longest mountain pass in the Alps: the Marinelli. It also harbours a dream... Géraldine Fasnacht’s dream. For years she has nurtured a desire to tame the  mountain, through snowboarding and wingsuit flying. “4634 - Perception” is a poetic voyage that takes the viewer through this extraordinary woman’s life, from preparation to landing, including the take off, flight and sensation of boundless gliding. In this 26-minute film, Géraldine shares her philosophy and viewpoint of the mountain with us through inspiring and passionate messages that will help each of us put the present and life itself into perspective...