WOF 2017#42: World Aerobatic Championships 2017 - Malelane (RSA)

Aerobatics: Fierce competition for the most coveted title

29th FAI World Aerobatic Championships

September, 2017, Malelane (RSA)

From September 09th to 17 the best aerobatic pilots come together in South Africa for the FAI World Aerobatic Championships.


sport of Aerobatic flying is high adrenalin and demands strict focus

and extreme skill. Each pilot must complete a pre-set aerobatic routine

in front of a panel of judges. Points are awarded and deducted for how

each manoeuvre is executed, as well as if the pilot goes outside the

competition area. The Unlimited World  Aerobatic Championships will be

held at the Malelane Airport, situated in the Mpumalanga Province of

South Africa. Malelane is situated at one of the main entrances to the

World-famous Kruger Park which is one of the principle tourist

attractions in South Africa. Malelane is situated approximately 350 km

east of Johannesburg.