Skiers Cup 2016 - Grandvalira (AND) - 52 min

Skiers Cup 2016

February 30 to February 4  -  Grandvalira (AND)


The 6th of edition of the Skiers Cup will take advantage of the the picture-perfect freeride terrain of the largest ski resort in the Pyrenees - Grandvalira.
With a long history of progression and high-level freeskiing, this event takes a unique format where two continents (Europe vs. Americas) will face each other in two classic disciplines: big-mountain (freeride) and backcountry slopestyle (tricks off kickers and natural jumps). Team captains are sure to select riders that have the necessary skills to round-out a versatile team capable of excelling in both disciplines. The 16 riders comprising two teams face each other over two days, with one discipline per day, and two rounds per discipline for each pair of riders. The winners for each round will be determined and the points will be summed for a grand total of 32 possible points.