WOF 2015#48: Gordon Bennett Cup & Air + Style Review Season 2015

FAI World Long Distance Gas Balloon Championship & Snowboarding: the greatest big air action of all time!

Gordon Bennett Cup 2015

Pau, France

The Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett is the oldest

and most prestigious event in aviation and the ultimate challenge for

the pilots and their equipment. The goal is simple: to fly the furthest

non-stop distance from the launch site.The international competition was

initiated by adventurer and newspaper tycoon James Gordon Bennett Jr.

in 1906, when 16 balloons launched from the Tuileries Gardens in Paris,


Air + Style Tour 2014/15

Beijing (CHN), Innsbruck (AUT) & Los Angeles (USA)


+ Style is back with a bang! In a sensational development, the world’s

most legendary snowboard contest will grow into a world-spanning series

with stops at Beijing (CHN), Innsbruck (AUT), and Los Angeles (USA).