King of the Court 2021 - Utrecht (NED) - Clips

A new era in beach volleyball

King of the Court 2021

August 25th to 28nd, Utrecht (NED)


The titles of Queens and Kings of the Court Utrecht 2021 are up for grabs starting Wednesday August 25. A line-up full of crown princesses and princes is eager to prove their royal worthiness in front of a packed corona-proof stadium on the Jaarbeursplein in downtown Utrecht. King of the Court will crown its new Kings and Queens on Saturday August 28 after four days of intense elimination-style beach volleyball. You cannot miss this one! Just three days after the Queens and Kings ascended the thrones in Hamburg the field of beach volleyball greats has move to the Netherlands in order to compete at King of the Court. The teams arrived together from Germany by bus, or have traveled on their own from their individual locations. Social media have already been flooded with pictures of Utrecht, the teams are ready to go.