Air + Style 2015/16 - Beijing (CHN)

Snowboarding: top-notch big air action at 3 continents!

Air + Style Tour 2015/2016

Beijing (CHN), December 5th, 2015

A world-spanning series with stops at Beijing (CHN), Innsbruck (AUT), and Los Angeles (USA), three fantastic stadiums including “Bird’s nest”, Olympiaworld, and Coliseum, three outstanding urban events embracing music, lifestyle and entertainment: snowboard superstar Shaun White (USA), who bought the world’s most legendary snowboard contest in 2014, has taken the epic big air competition to the next level and established the world’s only big air tour. The tour becomes even more essential due to the fact that the big air discipline will be held at the 2018 Winter Olympics for the very first time.

The overall winner crowned at the final of the Air + Style Tour at Los Angeles will collect a US$ 50,000 prize-money. In addition, there’s a US$ 100,000 overall prize-purse up for grabs at each of the three single events – an extraordinary amount of money in snowboarding, attracting the strongest riders in the world. Apart from the sports action, the tour also provides loads of live music and lifestyle: a festival of youth culture!
The field of riders at Beijing and Innsbruck includes the best 16 riders of the previous Air + Style Tour as well as 8 wild cards. The best 10 riders of the current season and the 3 best riders of the 2014/15 season plus 3 wild cards then qualify for the finals at Los Angeles.

The first stop of the Air + Style Tour will be held at the fantastic set-up of Beijing’s architectural masterpiece National Stadium aka “Bird’s nest”. On December 5, 2015, it will be the setting for a first-rate snowboarding event. 24 athletes will participate in the qualification, 16 of them qualify for the final. The action is accompanied by DJs and live music performances. The ramp at Air + Style Beijing offers a total length of 165 metres/541 feet, a start height of 42 metres/137 feet, and an inrun length of 75 metres/246 feet.