FIA Karting Championships 2024 - 8x 26min Highlights

Karting: home of future motor sport heroes

FIA Karting Championship 2024

March - October 2024


As an integral part of the FIA, the International Karting Commission (CIK-FIA) governs worldwide competitions and awards the only official titles of World Champion and European Champion in Karting. The CIK-FIA presents the most up-to-date Championships which bring together the best drivers and the greatest hopefuls of motor sport of the future during races of an incredible intensity.

Invented by the Americans in the 1950s, Karting quickly became a great success in Europe and today is a fully-fledged motorsport discipline. Karting is a great school of life for young people and the best way to learn about driving and racing. The best route for the future car Champions, Karting is also practiced by enthusiasts who devote all their energy to it. The FIA Karting Championships are open to drivers from the age of 12, with no upper age limit.