Profile - Monisha Kaltenborn - 6min Highlight

Sim Racing: Racing Unleashed

Monisha Kaltenborn: CEO of an innovative Sim Racing start-up and former Formula 1 team principal

September 2020, Cham (SUI)

In 2019 Austrian Monisha Kaltenborn became CEO of the innovative Sim Racing start-up Racing Unleashed, a unique combination of virtual reality and reality in the field of e-motorsports. An impressive career ledder preceded her current position: In 2010 she became CEO of the Sauber Formula 1 team and as first woman ever she has become team principal of a Formula 1 racing team in 2012. Before her Formula 1 career the native Indian experienced several stopovers in offices in Germany and Austria following her law studies in Vienna (AUT) and London (GBR). The mother of two lives in Switzerland together with her husband.