Golden Roof Challenge 2023 - Innsbruck (AUT) - 26min Highlight

Now included into the WACT (World Athletics Continental Tour)

Golden Roof Challenge 2023

June 7th, 2023, Innsbruck (AUT)

The Golden Roof Challenge, Home of the Golden Fly Series, is a well-known event in the world of pole vault and long jump. It is set to take place for the 19th time in the heart of Innsbruck, Austria, on the 7th of June. For the first time ever is this event included into the WACT (World Athletics Continental Tour) from the International Athletics federation IAAF. This allows the invited top athletes to collect important world ranking points for the qualification to the 2023 World Championships and for the 2024 Olympic Games next year. The event will take place on the magnificent boulevard of Maria-Theresien-Stra├če, providing a stunning background for the competition. With 22 world-class athletes from four continents, this event promises intense competition and extraordinary jumps. Among the athletes are two Americans Austin Miller (pole vault), currently ranked 4th in the world in 2023 and Quanesha Burks (long jump), ranked 2nd in the world in 2023. Additionally, Markus Rehm (long jump) from Germany, a multiple-time Paralympic champion and holder of the world record in the Paralympics T64 category and Ese Brume (long jump) from Nigeria, who won bronze in the 2020 Olympic Games and silver in the 2022 World Championships. With such talented athletes in attendance, the Golden Roof Challenge in Innsbruck has the potential for new records to be set.