Racing Unleashed - 3rd race of the season - Cham, Zurich & Kemptthal (SUI) - Clips

Sim racing: Racesimulation on the Silverstone Circuit

Racing Unleashed Season 2020 - Race 3

August 22nd, 2020, Cham, Zurich & Kemptthal (SUI)

For the first time ever at Racing Unleashed three racing lounges are interlinked. Thus, up to 16 pilots take part in the same race, but are driving in three different places: In Cham (Canton of Zug), Zurich and Kemptthal (Canton of Zurich), all cities situated in Switzerland. Again, the participants are split in two leagues. The elite starts in the Racer League, those who still want to become the best in the Challenger League. And again the mode remains the same: Pilots are driving in the F1 mode with free practice sessions, qualifying sessions and races on one race day. This time the track is the virtual Silverstone Circuit.