Neymar co-drives with Ogier

Neymar becomes S├ębastien Ogier's co-driver

The Brazilian football player dares a ride with the two times World Rallye Champion

December 2014

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior has decided to temporally change his football shirt with a rally race suit to become a rally co-driver for a day.


The Brazilian player had a ride in the Volkswagen Polo R WRC with the two-time World Rally Champion S├ębastien Ogier. They drove along the twisty roads of Montserrat, in Catalonia. "Left, right, no right", said Neymar - trying to be a good co-driver for Ogier. But driving a fast car and reading pacenotes at the same time is not the easiest thing he had to realise. Nonetheless this experience has helped the footballer to understand how much it takes to be a good co-driver.