Swatch Skiers Cup 2011 - Valle Nevado | CHL

Freeskiing: a groundbreaking duel of the continents


September 05 to 12 2011, Valle Nevado (Chile)

The countdown to the SKIERS CUP showdown from September 5 to 12, 2011 is ticking away! The groundbreaking idea for the new event at the "Valley of the Snows", Valle Nevado in Chile: two days of fierce head-to-head action pitting Team Americas against Team Europe, each a posse of eight professional ski pros hand-picked from the freeski cream of their respective continents. Through a series of two heats with head-to-head duels in the Big Mountain and Backcountry Slopestyle disciplines, the riders must try to win over their opponents. Each duel produces one winner and thus one point for the winning continent.