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The legend celebrates it's 20th anniversary


Leysin, Switzerland, February 8th -13th 2011

It was another perfect day in Leysin for the finals of the NESCAFÉ CHAMPS. The riders gave everything they had to impress the judges and the large crowd on hand. Lucien Koch, the youngster from St. Gallois was the big surprise of the day upsetting the favorites for the win. In the women's event, Slovenia's Cilka Sadar imposed her will on the field. The 20th anniversary of the NESCAFÉ CHAMPS couldn't have happened in better conditions. The sun was shining on the slopestyle course that was largely appreciated by the riders, and a large crowd of enthusiastic snowboard fans made for a memorable edition of the longest running snowboard competition in Europe. Veteran competitors like Gian Simmen and former CHAMPS champions Risto Mattila, Jaakko Ruha and Johann Baisamy weren't able to stop the charge of the young Lucien Koch, who bent the course in Leysin to his will.