Racing Unleashed 2021 - Race 10 Season Final - News

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Racing Unleashed 2021

Zurich Airport Circuit - December 12 2021


High level of excitement can be expected: In turbulent races on the past raceday favourites in both leagues missed an early decision of the championship titles.
And this decision is going to fall on a brand-new race track: Racing Unleashed itself designed the virtual airport track «Zurich Airport Circuit».

All in all 5 Racing Lounges are connected and more than 50 sim racers are going to compete in a common virtual race in the Swiss cities Kemptthal ZH, Cham ZG, Zurich, in Munich GER) as well as in Madrid (ESP).
Up to 10 racing simulators per lounge are in action simultaneously. The best sim racers are competing in the Racer League, whereas the second league is called Challenger League.
The current season consisted of 9 races altogether. The first race needed to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Thus the season started with „Race#2“. Here you can find the season calendar.
In this area where reality and virtuality overlap a heterogeneous starting field arises consisting of E-Gamers and racing-car drivers – all competing against each other in the same virtual race in different European Racing Lounges.

Big names which were earlier part of Formula 1 are closely related to this project: Race Commissar of Racing Unleashed is former Formula 1 pilot Andrea Montermini (ITA). CEO is Monisha Kaltenborn, former CEO of Sauber Motorsport AG.