FAI World Aerobatic Championships 2019 - Chateauroux (FRA) - News

Aerobatics: pilotes performing stunning manoeuvres with their aircrafts

FAI World Aerobatic Championships 2019

22nd to 31st August, 2019, Chateauroux (FRA)

At the FAI World Aerobatic Championships the pilots show their stunning manoeuvres in order to crown their World Champion for the 30th time. The sport of Aerobatic flying is always accompagnied by high adrenalin and demands strict focus and extreme skills like accuracy, dexterity, visual acuity, speed in interpretation and taking of decision but also a good representation in space and physical qualities.

Each pilot must complete an aerobatic routine in front of a panel of judges in the 4 following flight programs:  Free Known, Free Unknown 1, Free Unknown 2, Free Unknown 3. Points are awarded and deducted for how each manoeuvre is executed, as well as if the pilot goes outside the competition area with its size of 1 square kilometre which is defined for the competition .

Die FAI World Aerobatic Championships is held in in Chateauroux in the centre of France.