GIBBON World Slackline Masters 2019 - Stuttgart (GER) - News

The best slacklining athletes battle for World Championship title

GIBBON World Slackline Masters 2019

June 01 to 02, 2019, Stuttgart (GER)

On the first weekend of June, the GIBBON World Slackline Masters will be held in Stuttgart, Germany. 30 of the best trickline athletes in the world, from 14 different countries will battle for the world championship title.

Tricklining is a modern sport originating from slacklining and combines spectacular areal stunts with the balance and coordination skills in slacklining. On a highly tensioned slackline, the athletes will perform crazy stunts up to triple flips in heights up to 7 meters over the ground. Due to the speed of one trick following the next judging is quite a challenge. Therefore, the American Trickline Association (ATA) is providing their video software and judges to measure the athletes ‘skills. As the contest is certified by the International Slackline Association (ISA) it is the major contest of the year to collect valuable points for the ISA world ranking list. Besides the trickline world championships two further contests will be held: the Jibline- and Speedline contests! By moving and dancing on the slackline to the rhythm of music, the contenders will give their best to convince the crowd and judges of their skills.