Jack O’Neill Memorial Paddle-outs 2017 - News

Surfing: In Honour Of The Legendary Waterman

Jack O’Neill Memorial Paddle-outs

9. Juli 2017, Santa Cruz/CA (USA), Sydney (AUS), Anglet (FRA), Newquay (GBR), Tofino (CAN), Scheveningen (NED), Knokke (BEL)

Jack O’Neill, surfer, ocean lover, wetsuit pioneer, boating enthusiast, and founder of the iconic surf company O’Neill, recently passed away in Santa Cruz, California, of natural causes at the age of 94. Through the invention of the wetsuit and his passion, the legendary waterman changed the face of surfing forever. To celebrate his legacy, his company O’Neill invites surfers worldwide to join paddle-outs on Sunday, 9th of July 2017.

Most recognisable for his eye patch and his beard, Jack O’Neill’s desire to surf longer drove him to create an innovative suit that allowed surfers to be the first in the icy waters of the San Francisco Bay and the last out. Playing around with materials to create a barrier between the body and the ocean, Jack’s first suits were built of unicellular foam material that he bought from a local surplus store. Jack O’Neill’s invention of the wetsuit in the 1950’s opened up a whole new world – suddenly people started surfing and other watersports in cold water destinations. 60% of people in the water today would not be surfing without Jack O’Neill’s vision.