Peak to Creek 2013 - Oetztal | AUT

Mountain sports: multifaceted extreme relay race

Peak To Creek 2013

April 28th 2013, Oetztal Valley (Austria)

Skiing and mountain biking, mountain free running and climbing, bicycle racing and ski touring, paragliding, kayaking and rafting: at the spectacular team competition Peak To Creek 2013, nine different types of mountain sports will provide loads of adrenaline! On April 28th, 2013, the multifaceted race will lead the participants 85 kilometres through one of Europe's most beautiful mountain landscapes, Oetztal valley, Austria. At this unique top-notch relay race, three teams with twelve athletes each will fight each other from winter to summer, from snow to water and from the mountain down to the valley, covering 7,067 metres in altitude, from the "Schwarze Schneide" peak at the Rettenbach glacier down to the white water of the Oetztaler Ache creek.