RAID International Gaspesie - Quebec (CAN)

Multisports Adventure Race!

The Raid International Gaspésie

September 10th to 14th, Gaspésie Region / Quebec (Canada)

From September 10th to 14th, the coastal city of Carleton-sur-Mer, located in the beautiful Gaspésie region in Quebec (Canada), will be the theatre of a sport event hosting international outstanding athletes. Those people a little crazier than the average will take part in an Adventure Race in which they must surpass themselves as they will have to cover a distance of 300 km on a 4 days period. The teams on the starting line are multisports athletes who can do everything, in any conditions, with a minimum gear. They will need an unbreakable team spirit as the hardest challenge in this kind of adventure is to overpass psychological more than physical obstacles (even though these latter are not to minimize). To get through, they have to show an incredible adaptation capacity, and the experienced adventure racers know that: they have to expect anything but what was predicted.