Athlete Profile: Dani Arnold - Ice climbing - Highlight

Ice climbing: Record-breaking speed at the Eiger North Face and mystic light installations at Norwegian ice falls

Dani Arnold - The art of ice climbing

Switzerland, Alaska, Patagonia, Norway 


Daniel Arnold was born in 1984 in the canton of Uri, Switzerland, and brought up in the tiny mountain village of Biel in the heart of the Swiss Alps. As a child he took a cable car to school, as the village was not accessible by road in the winter. Surrounded by mountains and with parents who were passionate about the outdoors, Dani and his brother were introduced to all sides of mountain life, hiking, skiing and climbing in the beautiful surrounding landscape. Show him a mountain face, and heĀ“ll climb it and this as fast as possible! We follow him as he shows off his ice-cold skills at some of the toughest climbing locations around the world!