PKRA 2011 Final New Caledonia - 26min Highlight

PKRA World Tour 2011


Noumea Kitsurf Pro 2011


November 29th - December 04th 2011 - Noumea, New Caledonia


After traveling to the farthest corners of the earth, through Asia, Africa and Europe, the Kite boarding World Tour landed in one of the most beautiful lagoons of Oceania for the final stop on this season's tour.

The cream of Kiteboarding came to Noumea seeking to score those essential last points that determine a rider's final position in the competition. Well this year, obviously Youri (Zoon – 2011 World Champion) won every heat, maybe he can continue here as well and set a new PKRA record. We all see Alex Pastor (Vice World Champion 2011 and 2010) who will continue riding in boots now, he’s also a really good rider, second right now, and then in third we have Alberto Rondina (ITA) and in forth Marc Jacobs (NZL). In addition to the usual top riders of the PKRA, we saw incredible talent among the locals of Noumea, who showed a great diversity of skills in their riding. Shining out among them was Tom Hebert, who is currently ranked fifth in the world.