O'Neill Coldwater Classic Series 2010 Canada - Highlight

Surfing: the coldest surf contest on the planet

Cold Water Classic Canada 2010

October 09th to 15th 2010, Tofino/Vancouver Island (Canada)

From its inception in 2009, the Cold Water Classic Series was never going to be a conventional surf contest. With its fourth stage and after events in Tasmania, Scotland and South Africa, the 2010 edition of the series will again guest at Tofino, Vancouver Island where it was the first professional surf contest to hit the Canadian shores last year. Freezing water and air temperatures, bears on the ground, whales in the water and even the chance of snow awaits 144 professional surfers from around the world for the Cold Water Classic Canada from October 09th to 15th 2010 - making it the coldest event in professional surfing.