Freeride World Tour 2009/10: Tour Season Kick Off - Highlight



The best skiers on the best mountains in the ultimate freeride competition.


Untracked powder snow, heart-stopping cliff jumps, bone-shaking stomps and acrobatic moves characterize freeride which is now the leading trend in winter sports.  The competitors, both male and female, are unique characters.  They combine world class athletic ability with an innate desire to push the outer limits.  But they also have a sixth sense for what the mountain will allow them to do.  Like Formula One drivers, the world's best freeriders are cool, calculated and clinical.


In 2010, the Freeride World Tour will continue to align with iconic mountain resorts around the world.  The tour will have stops in:

  • Sochi (Russia) - host of the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • Squaw Valley (USA) - host of the 1960 Winter Olympics
  • Chamonix (France) - home of the Mont Blanc.
  • Verbier (Switzerland) - home of the mythical Bec des Rosses.