Trailrunning - Fastest Known Time - 26min Highlight


Fastest Known Time

2020 - Taylor Nowlin, Stephen Kersh and Sabrina Stanley

The year 2020 was unusual in many ways! In our Documentary we showcase the journey of three professional trailrunning athletes and their individual stories. In a year with no races and no real competition with other athletes they searched for new opportunities to challenge themselves. Through FKT projects (Fastest Known Time) they found a platform to be competitive again and set new benchmarks in their sport.  

The show is a mixture of personal stories, overcoming the depression and lack of purpose that came with the lockdown in 2020 as well as a glimpse into the world of professional trailrunning athletes, their mindset and their competitive thinking.

We follow Taylor Nowlin, Stephen Kersh and Sabrina Stanley during their preparation and their attempt to break current records on existing FKT routes.