LAAX OPEN 2020 (SUI) - 15min Highlight

Freestyle Snowboarding


Europe's most prestigious snowboard contest

The 2020 LAAX OPEN were a great success in its fifth edition of Europe's most prestigious snowboard contest. With an outstanding Halfpipe night final, a breath-taking Slopestyle contest the other day and an innovative Crossover session, Laax proofed once again what freestyle snowboarding is all about. Just a few weeks ago, FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski) confirmed that the LAAX OPEN 2021 - FIS Snowboard World Cup in Slopestyle and Halfpipe - are going to take place as originally scheduled from 19th – 23rd of January 2021. In this pre-Olympic winter season, the LAAX OPEN are the most important and prestigious snowboard freestyle contest for all top riders, especially due to the cancellation of the X-Games and US Open.