Air + Style Tour 2014/2015 - Beijing (CHN)

Snowboarding: the greatest big air action of all time!

Air + Style Tour 2014/15

Beijing (CHN), December 2014

Air + Style is back with a bang! In a sensational development, the world’s most legendary snowboard contest will grow into a world-spanning series with stops at Beijing (CHN), Innsbruck (AUT), and Los Angeles (USA).

The first stop of the Air + Style Tour is held at the incredible set-up of Beijing’s architectural masterpiece National Stadium known as “Bird’s nest”. It is the destination for a top-notch two-day snowboarding event. 24 athletes  participate in the qualification . 16 of them qualify for the final , which is be accompanied by DJs and two live music performances. The ramp at Air + Style Beijing offers a total length of 165 metres/541 feet, a start height of 42 metres/137 feet, and an inrun length of 75 metres/246 feet.