adidas Outdoorsportsteam - Slacklining - Victoria Falls (ZWE)

Outdoorsportsteam – Victoria Falls

Highlining: balancing act at one of the world’s largest waterfalls

A stunning project at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

With a spectacular new project, the Outdoor Sports Team is planning to take their sport to the next level: two renowned highlining athletes, Reinhard Kleindl (AUT) and Lukas Irmler (GER), are off to realize one of the longest highlines in Africa and in the southern hemisphere at the world-famous Victoria Falls!

Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. The canyon where the water drops down is about 1700 metres wide and 100 metres high. This natural stone formation provides an ideal setting for the two adventurous slackline athletes to take their sport to another level. While the 100-metre distance is a magical number in the slacklining world that only a few athletes have been able to walk on a highline, the setting of the Victoria Falls provides a spectacular background. The waterfall sits in a picturesque African landscape surrounded by national parks containing an abundance of wildlife, including populations of elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, and zebras. A thrilling outdoor adventure and the ideal background for the film!