O´Neill Coldwater Classic Series 2010 Scotland - Webclips

Surfing: the most northern surf contest on the planet

Cold Water Classic Scotland 2010

April 13th to 19th 2010, Thurso East (Scotland/UK)

From Tasmania to Scotland, from the very South of planet Earth to the far North - this is something only the Cold Water Classic Series can do. During this unique world tour, the surfers explore the edges of the globe over four continents competing at the most northern, the most southern, the wildest, the coldest and the most classic surf contest. Only two weeks after the first event at Tasmania, Australia, the tour will hold its second stage at the Cold Water Classic Scotland 2010. From the 13th to the 19th of April 2010, the world's most northern surf contest will take place at the very North of the British Isles at 59 degrees North at Scotland's Thurso East. In the ice-cold water (7° centigrade!), the pro surfers will explore the powerful reef breaks of Thurso East and Brims Ness as well as the varied beach breaks in the surrounding area and show their spectacular manoeuvres in the massive swells of the Atlantic Ocean.