Dolomitenmann 2008 WebClip

Mountain sports: The world's most gruelling team competition

Dolomite Man 2008

September 06th 2008, Lienz (AUT)


On Saturday, September 6th 2008, the world's most gruelling mountain sports team competition will be started for the 21st time. At Lienz in the Austrian part of the Dolomite Alps, the members of 110 teams will first fight their way running uphill to the summit, then glide fast as the wind through the air, paddle through white water, and finally pedal their mountain bikes like mad. This battle royal pits the best and most daring alpine runners, paragliders, kayakers and mountain bikers against one another. This year's contest for the inestimably valuable title of the "Dolomite Man 2008" will soon begin! Amateurs and pros alike start at this relay contest to win the prizes for the fastest participants in the single disciplines and in the team contest.