SuperFoil Brasil 2020 - Fortaleza (BRA) - Clips

GKA & GWA host event in the North of Brazil

SuperFoil Brasil 2020

November 10th to 14th, 2020, Fortaleza, Brazil

The SuperFoil Brasil 2020 is host to both the GKA Hydrofoil Freestyle Super Grand Slam and GWA Wingfoil Super Grand Slam and will take place 10-14 November. It wasn’t until the explosion of Hydrofoiling that Fortaleza became known as a kite or wingsurfing destination. Previously overlooked due to the lighter winds than the rest of the Cearence coastline, the advancement of foil kites, hydrofoil boards and wings has seen this spot explode into an urban Mecca for the sport. The Superfoil Fortaleza is set to be an exciting event, the first of its kind in the city and Brazil. The judges at the GKA are looking forward to seeing what moves the athletes will bring to the competition, its open water in that area as this is the first event of its kind!