Racing Unleashed 2020

Racing Unleashed: Introduction to sim racing

A race where reality and virtuality overlap

November 2020, Cham, Zurich & Kemptthal (SUI)

A virtual racing game that makes the pilots sweat – this is not fiction but reality since the start of Racing Unleashed.

The film introduces to the sim racing project Racing Unleashed and investigates the potential of E-sports, especially Sim Racing. It wraps up the first part of the 2020 season and introduces personalities related to the project, among others CEO Monisha Kaltenborn who became as first woman ever team principal of a Formula 1 racing team in 2012 (Sauber Formula 1 team). Also the only 13-year-old Tina Hausmann is potrayed. The Swiss talent came from Kartsports to Racing Unleashed and finished already on the podium in the second league this season.

At Racing Unleashed a virtual racing game makes the pilots sweat while they fight for a lucrative price money. In this area where reality and virtuality overlap a heterogeneous starting field arises consisting of E-Gamers and racing-car drivers.

The huge screen right in front of the race simulators shows virtual tracks that are known very well from Formula 1 races. Combined with the technically elaborated way the racing simulators are built it makes the pilots sweat and rises their pulse at the same time.

For the race days, three racing lounges are interlinked. Thus, up to 16 pilots take part in the same race, but are driving in three different places: In Cham (Canton of Zug), Zurich and Kemptthal (Canton of Zurich), all cities situated in Switzerland. The vision of CEO Monisha Kalteborn: A global series in which pilots are distributed worldwide but take part in the same race at the same time.