King of the Court 2020 - Men

An innovative beach volleyball format

King of the Court 2020

September 9th to 12th, Utrecht (NED)

King of the Court 2020 in Utrecht, Netherlands is the first international top sport event restarted on Dutch soil in collaboration with the FIVB. The international beach volleyball event gathered the best men’s and women’s beach volleyball teams of the world for the first time since March 2020! A stadium was built in the centre of Utrecht that provided an innovative space for the public, while social distancing rules were enforced. The entire stadium consisted of sky boxes so that hundreds of spectators were able to safely enjoy top beach volleyball. King of the Court is an innovative beach volleyball format that has existed since 2017. The beach volleyball court is divided into a winner’s side and a challenger side. Points can only be scored on the winner's side. The game has many differences with regular 2 vs 2 beach volleyball. For example, five teams are active simultaneously instead of two, playing under time rules in an elimination race