Wingsuit Connected Geraldine Fasnacht (SUI) - Clips

World premiere above the Alps

Wingsuit Connected starring Geraldine Fasnacht

Grand Combin, Swiss Alps

Launching herself off at 5500m with her wingsuit illuminated, more than 1200m above the summit of Grand Combin in the Swiss Alps, Geraldine Fasnacht defines once again the extreme of free falling.
At this altitude, the air is thin and therefore it is hard to breath, but also hard to fly due to the reduced density. To add some complexity to the project, Géraldine decided to do this very technical jump at dawn, before the first beams of the sun hit the top of the 4000m peaks. The temperature is -20°C. and down in the valleys it is still damn dark.
When she launches from the helicopter, with the wingsuit illuminated, she flies like a little butterfly among the giant glaciers of the Alps below. Just a small white dot is visible, cruising at full speed through the night.
Amazing performance and beautiful images.