World Rookie Tour 2015/16 - Season Highlight Show

Snowboarding: scouting the next generation!

World Rookie 2015/16 - Season Highlight Show


The World Rookie Tour is the largest youth snowboard series worldwide and its mission is, scout around the globe to find the next heroes of snowboarding and help them to get to the international scene. After 11 years, the recap is incredible. Today's pro like Peetu Piiroinen, Gjermund Braaten, Roope Tonteri or Sven Thorgren had been World Rookie Champion in the past and today they are recognized among the best snowboarder of the professional scene. At the last Olympic Games 8 from 12 Slopestyle finalists were riding the rookie tour before and 6 from the 12 finalists had been World Rookie Champions before. Every youngster around the globe will have the opportunity to follow his or her path: if your dream is, became a professional snowboarder, start joining the World Rookie Tour.