FAI 2016 - 20th European Aerobatic Championships - Moravská (CZE) - News

Aerobatics: pilots compete for the coveted title

FAI European Aerobatic Championships 2016

Moravská Třebová (CZE) - August 20 - 28

Forty of Europe’s best aerobatic pilots gathered in the small town of Moravska Trebova in eastern Czech Republic today, for the start of the 20th FAI European Aerobatic Championships.

The sport of Aerobatic flying is high adrenalin and demands strict focus and extreme skill. Each pilot much complete a pre-set aerobatic routine inside a 1km-cube aerial ‘box’ in front of a panel of judges. Points are awarded and deducted for how each manoeuvre is executed, as well as if the pilot goes outside the box.