WOF 2020#24: Silk Way Rally - Russia/Mongolia/China


Silk Way Rally


Some might say it’s a rally that is one of a kind. Others might call it an adventure that excites all senses and allows one to discover new sides of themselves. Still, others would call it a journey that spans a number of countries, and offers new views, sounds, smells, tastes, and brings together people of different backgrounds yet with a similar hunger for new experiences.

The Silk Way is much more than a literary definition. After 10 years, it has become much more than just a sports event. It is now something that unites people from different continents. Between the rallies, it’s all one thinks about throughout the year and it always draws people back year after year. Everyone is equal on the Silk Way, because passion and excitement unite people of all backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities and economic backgrounds.