WOF 2020#04: Marathon Internationale de Gorges de l´Ardéche & SaintéLyon (FRA)

Wildwater Kayaking

Marathon Internationale des Gorges de l´Ardeche

Vallon Pond d´Arc (FRA)

The Ardeche Gorges International Marathon is back... bringing together thousands of competitors in this breathtaking setting. “The Gorges” as it's known is a demanding, highly technical race, that requires strong commitment. Some come for the festive atmosphere, others are here to win. 2.000 participants from 17 different nations, onboard vessels ranging from canoes to kayaks to paddles, covering between 24 and 32 kilometres depending on the category, with departure spots between the villages of Salavas and Vallon Pont d'Arc, and the finish line in St Martin d'Ardeche... a refreshing white-water kayak trip in the middle of the month of November.


Le SaintéLyon

St.Etiénne/Lyon (FRA)

The Saintelyon, now in its 66th edition,

has become a real institution, with 17.000 participants this year ready to endure

the cold, the rain, the mud and the darkness: everything a seasoned trail

runner roots for!

76 kilometres between the cities of Lyon and

Saint-Etienne, a mythical race which comes in different formats: 12, 23, 44 or

76 kilometres, solo or in a relay team: a popular race that has become the

stuff of legends!




















And this year, a

brand new formula: the Lyon-Saint Etienne-Lyon, a 152-km return trip for those

who feel one way simply wasn't enough.

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