WOF 2010#46 English: PKRA Tenerife Wave 2010

PKRA World Cup 2010 - Tenerife - El Medano Beach - Spain

This year the PKRA World Tour 2010 returns to El Medano Beach on the Canary Islands.

The PKRA was founded as a means for the Worlds Professional Kite Riders to organize together and create a forum for ideas and Guidelines that would help bring more Riders input into the  port, and ultimately have a positive influence to the over-all growth of the Sport of Kiteboarding. This groundbreaking Association is helping bring cohesiveness to the rapidly growing community of International Riders and bringing their needs to the forefront as the Sports competitive market expands. Though wrought from the disappointments and broken promises from previous Tour attempts, this collaboration has given birth to a philosophy and path that only Rider unity can install.Tenerife is a paradise for kitesurfing, windsurfing and surf. With great conditions to practice extreme water sports, big waves and strong winds, the island held some important international competition making it even more important to visit.