Air + Style 2014/15 - Bejing | CHN

New event concept at the tour final in Los Angeles

Air+Style³: Beijing, Innsbruck, Los Angeles

Air + Style-Tour with stops in Beijing (December 5/6 2014), Innsbruck (January 16/17, 2015) and the big tour-final in Los Angeles (January 21/22 2015)

Three cities, three legendary stadiums, three unique events: Winter 2014/2015 will start off a new era in the history of Air + Style. For the first time, in addition to the two contests in Beijing (12.05/06.2014) and Innsbruck (01.16/17.2015), there will be a grand finale: The Air + Style in Los Angeles (02.21/22.2015) in and around the famous Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena. Andrew Hourmont´s long cherished idea of a world tour with a tour winner can finally be realized in the home base of Shaun White. A 450.000 US$ prize money and the chance to be “Champions of the Champions” is attracting a lot of world class athletes. In Beijing and Innsbruck 24 athletes will battle for 100,000 US$ and the 16 slots in the finals in LA.