adidas ROCKSTARS 2016 - Stuttgart (GER) - LIVE Summary

Bouldering: „Climbing meets Music“ at an intoxicating invitational!

adidas ROCKSTARS 2016

September 23 to 24,  2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

“When I have dreams about perfect competitions it’s very similar to ROCKSTARS; the athletes lounge, all the security, a huge arena, phenomenal competition and organization – as you can imagine I had a great weekend!“ (Sean McColl, winner ROCKSTARS 2015&2016)

Powerful dynamic moves and spectacular jumps: on September 23 and 24, 2016, ROCKSTARS enters the next round. Apart from climbing skills and creativity, bouldering athletes need motivation and adrenaline to reach maximum performance in a competition, which is why ROCKSTARS combines elite sports with live music to create an intoxicating climbing rock show.