King of the Court Crown Series - Compilation Season 2018 - 48min Summary

King of the Court Crown Series 2018

Summer 2018 – Utrecht (NED) / Antwerp (BEL) / Honululu (USA) / Huntington Beach (USA)

A new era in Beach Volleyball

The Beach Volleyball King of the Court Crown Series is sanctioned by the International Volleyball Federation FIVB and launched in 2018. The kick-off of the exciting and revolutionary competition is held in Utrecht (NED) and followed by stops in Antwerp (BEL), Honolulu (USA) and Huntington Beach (USA).

The European leg involves 15 of the best men’s teams, while at the Hawaiian event, 15 top men’s teams will be joined by 15 of the best women’s. At Huntington Beach, 20 men’s and 20 women’s teams will fight it out to be the best in the sand.

The competition format has long been known as a training game but for the first time in the history of the sport it has now become a pro-level competition. And here’s how the King of the Court Crown Series works: It’s not the usual two teams against each other, but five (respectively four and three) teams face each other simultaneously in a rotation system. There’s a Challenger’s and a King’s side. Challengers serve, and points can only be scored at the King’s side. If the Kings win a rally, they get one point and stay in their kingdom. If they lose, they’re out and are sent to the back of line of waiting teams. Challengers then move into the King’s end to face the next team. The team with the least points on the buzzer is out.