Racing Unleashed Masters 2020 - Cham (SUI) - 13minHL

Sim racing: Virtual racing becomes stunning real

Racing Unleashed Masters 2020

January 19th, 2020, Cham (SUI)

At Racing Unleashed a virtual racing game makes the gamers sweat while they fight for a price money of CHF 30’000.00 for the winner.

A new generation of high-tech racing simulators sets a new benchmark in the field of race simulation. They make the race not only a mental but also a physical challenge: Pilots have to handle the most advanced steering wheel in racing simulation. They have to push the pedals while fighting with physical simulated forces created by a high tech g force seat belt system.

The tools of the pilots are not game consoles, keyboards and computer mouses like in E-sport. They are sitting in a racing simulator, using a steering wheel which they use to change gears, step on the gas and have a huge screen in front of them. The seats are made of carbon fiber and have an integrated ventilation system.