Racing Unleashed 2021 - Race 6 - Silverstone (GBR) - Clips

Sim Racing

Racing Unleashed 2021

Silverstone (GBR) - August 29th 2021


Racing Unleashed is a virtual racing games which makes the gamers sweat. A new generation of high-tech racing simulators sets a new benchmark in the field of race simulation. They make the race not only a mental but also a physical challenge: The tools of the pilots are not game consoles, keyboards and computer mouses like in classic E-sport. They are sitting in a racing simulator, using a steering wheel which they use to change gears, step on the gas and have a huge screen in front of them. The seats are made of carbon fiber and have an integrated ventilation system. Pilots have to handle the most advanced steering wheel in racing simulation. They have to push the pedals while fighting with physical forces created by a five-point seat belt system simulating acceleration and delay in the vehicle. The Silverstone circuit is best known for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix. It has been held at this circuit more than forty times.