Racing Unleashed 2020 - Cham (SUI) - Clips

eSports meets Racing

Racing Unleashed 2020

Cham (SUI), January 18th to 19th 2020

On Sunday, January 18th and 19th, 2020 the big Championship final will take place in the Racing Lounge in Cham! Started in May 2019, the Formula-V-Racing Lounges hosted host eight days of racing. At the big final, qualified from seven qualifying races, the top 32 drivers will be competing for the first championship title in the racing unleashed competition. More than 20 years of experience from the world of Formula 1 are in the racing simulators. Virtual racing atmosphere meets extraordinary reality. Characteristics of the sport are thrill, concentration, excitement of the real racing world in the comfort of an exclusive lounge. The seats are made of carbon fiber and have an integrated ventilation system. Athletes have to handle the most advanced steering wheel in racing simulation. They have to push the pedals while fighting with physical simulated g forces that are simulated by a high tech g force seat belt system.