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World Rowing Cup II

2022 - Poznan (POL)

Poznan (POL), 17th - 19th June 2022

The Rowing World Cup is an annual team competition, created in 1997, comprising three international regattas per year. A Rowing World Cup Champion is awarded in each boat class to the nation with the most points won in that boat class from the three regattas. Rowing World Cup regattas are held in the boat classes of the Olympic programme in effect at the time of the regattas. Each Rowing World Cup regatta also offers races in non-Olympic boat categories - these boat categories do not score points at Rowing World Cup regattas. The 2022 World Rowing Cup II will be hosted 17 – 19 June in Poznan, Poland, at Lake Malta. This will be the second event of the 2022 World Cup Series.


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