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FIA Karting World Championship 2019

Alaharma (FIN) // 06.-08. Sep

The 2019 FIA Karting World Championship - OK and Junior took place in Finland from 6th to 8th September at the Alahärmä Powerpark circuit. A much-anticipated event for this country of motorsport enthusiasts, the major world event promises to be full of suspense on a spectacular and fast track with a big field of more than 200 Drivers, gathering the best talents from 44 nations on five continents.

The circuit of Alahärmä is unique in being at the heart of an amusement park, also including a large indoor track, all forming an unusual and celebratory setting for an outstanding Karting Competition. Hilly and very rolling, the 1200-metre-long circuit is composed of several series of fast curves, banking and a bridge, all generating rhythmic races, to the delight of spectators comfortably seated in the two large permanent stands.